BS PD IEC PAS 63324:2020



BS PD IEC PAS 63324:2020


Zhaga interface specification Book 1 and Book 10
standard by BSI Group, 11/02/2020




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This Book 10 defines interfaces between LED Modules, associate components (Holders) andluminaires. Not all interface descriptions are applicable to LED Modules or Holders, but whereapplicable they are identical.

The scope of the interface descriptions is focused on a range of LED Modules with a circularshape and high luminance LES. A LED Module is intended to be fixed to a luminaire heat sinkby means of screws. Its light output distribution is primarily Lambertian, to enable LuminaireOptics to shape an application-specific light distribution independently of that of the LED Module.

Zhaga Book 12 defines an LED (Chip on Board) Array component, which shares certaininterface descriptions with this Book 10 (mainly photometric). It is possible to combine a Book12 compliant LED Array with a Holder that ensures mechanical and electrical fit of the assembly.The Holder provides its own set of mechanical/electrical/thermal interfaces to a luminaire. Ifthese interfaces are compliant with the interface descriptions in this Book 10, the Holder+LEDArray assembly can be used in the same way as an LED Module compliant with this Book. Thusthis Book can also be used to check compliance of Holders with respect to the Holder-Luminaireinterface.

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