BS PD IEC TR 62131-7:2020



BS PD IEC TR 62131-7:2020


Environmental conditions. Vibration and shock of electrotechnical equipment
standard by BSI Group, 05/05/2020




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This part of IEC 62131, reviews the available dynamic data relating to the transportation of electrotechnical equipment by rotorcraft (helicopters). The intent is that from all the available data an environmental description will be generated and compared to that set out in IEC 60721 (all parts) [16]1.

For each of the sources identified the quality of the data is reviewed and checked for self-consistency. The process used to undertake this check of data quality and that used to intrinsically categorize the various data sources is set out in IEC TR 62131-1 [21].

This document primarily addresses data extracted from a number of different sources for which reasonable confidence exist in its quality and validity. This document also reviews some data for which the quality and validity cannot realistically be verified. These data are included to facilitate validation of information from other sources. This document clearly indicates when utilizing information in this latter category.

This document addresses data from a number of data gathering exercises. The quantity and quality of data in these exercises varies considerably as does the range of conditions encompassed.

Not all of the data reviewed were made available in electronic form. To permit comparison to be made, in this assessment, a quantity of the original (non-electronic) data has been manually digitized.

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